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With the right leadership, we can create a mentorship & apprenticeship environment with our current business sector where every New Mexican can find opportunities to prosper. This will create growth and development in our district and state. 

We have an obligation to ensure the next generation of workers can find gainful employment right here at home. We cannot export our greatest asset; our children. 


Teenage Students Raising Hands

Our public education system is failing too many of our children by not adequately preparing them.  Parents should have the right to enroll their child in a school that shows progression where the child will benefit.


The focus MUST be on our children. They are our future leaders, our future business owners, and future legislators.  Since they are our best asset, they deserve to have learning environments that inspire them to think, to learn, and to grow. 

We have outstanding teachers and passionate education leaders who want to see a system that works. We must empower our teachers and ensure they are not bogged down by pressure from the administration.  We must separate politics from education. 

Police Cars

We must abandon the political divide and work together for solutions. In 2019, we saw unprecedented crime rates and little response from leadership in City Hall or the Roundhouse. We must change this course to protect our families and property from this dangerous criminal element that is encroaching upon our freedom in our community. It is time to put on the mantle of leadership and lead! Together, we will overcome these challenges to create a future of opportunity and growth.

Reforming the criminal justice system is an important step in ensuring dangerous criminals don't have a chance to re-offend. Closing the revolving door and holding criminals accountable must be a top priority for our legislature. 



Example isn't everything. It's the only thing.

Adelious Stith is a proud father of five, grandfather of three, and married for 33 years. Adelious and his wife both proudly served in the Armed Services and now their children are following in their footsteps. Their oldest son, Adelious d. Stith II, currently serves in the United States Air Force. Adelious has a B.A. in Organizational Management and has a M.A. in International Relations.

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