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Honest Representation


A bipartisan balanced budget is a must.  Campaign promises do not outweigh common sense measures to stop out of control spending.  Leadership must be responsible in spending tax payers funds.  The voice of the people must be heard.


A balanced budget will decrease the taxation on businesses.  Measures must be taken to revive business, not run businesses out of the State.  Let business owners do what they do best: create revenue.    

Construction Site

Enable mentorship between Seniors and young people in the fields from which the Senior retired & apprenticeship environments with our current business sectors.  New Mexicans can find opportunities to prosper with their skills and creativity. This will create growth and development in our district and state. 

We have an obligation to ensure the next generation of workers can find gainful employment right here at home. We cannot export our greatest asset; our children. 


Teenage Students Raising Hands

Parents should have the right to enroll their children in a school that shows progression.  We must give parents the choice of public, private, or homeschooling their children.  Our public education system is failing too many of our children by not adequately preparing them.  Give the education choice to the parents.


The focus MUST be on our children. They are our future leaders, our future business owners, and future legislators.  Since they are our best asset, they deserve to have learning environments that inspire them to think, to learn, and to grow. 

Simply put, give parents the choice.   

Police Car Lights

We must abandon the political divide and work together for solutions. In 2021, we saw unprecedented crime rates and little response from leadership in City Hall or the Roundhouse. It was like business as usual. I say protect our families and property from the dangerous criminal element that is threatening our freedom. Leaders simply lead without blame, name calling, or finger pointing. Leaders know when to follow but work to serve.


Taking appropriate action to address our criminal justice system is an important step in ensuring dangerous criminals don't have a chance to re-offend. This must be a top priority for our legislators. 



Example isn't everything. It's the only thing.

Adelious d. Stith is a proud father of five, grandfather of four, and married for 35 years. Adelious and his wife both served in the USAF and has dedicated their lives to serving. Their oldest son-Adelious II, serves in the USAF and oldest daughter-Quiyana former USAF, and is married to a Naval Officer. Adelious has a B.A. in Organizational Management and has a M.A. in International Relations. He has valuable international experience that will benefit us in the legislature.

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